neogenics affiliate program

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Show me the Money!

No monkey business. No games. The best payouts in the industry, paid every month. Commissions start at 20% of total sale price! If you're an experienced affiliate, contact us for a custom offer.

We've got your Back

We believe in YOU! We will do everything necessary to support you as an affiliate.  Our graphic designers can make custom creatives to fit your needs and our top notch sales support will help increase your sales to make you more $$$!


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At Neogenics we share the love of gaming. In fact - our product was initially created for Gamers!

We heavily support Twitch streamers who wish to become affiliates! We will create custom graphics to match your channel, supply free products for giveaways, and we even subscribe to your channel! 


Everything Else

Our reach doesn't end at twitch! We have the means to support affiliates on any platform - Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, personal websites, you name it! 


The Future of Energy

FPS Energy™ is crafted from the best ingredients on Earth. We put YOU first by using all natural ingredients that have been clinically studied and shown to provide immense benefit. Whether you're a business professional, athlete, student, or gamer, FPS Energy™ delivers incredible energy, focus, and mental clarity without the downsides of other energy products.

FPS Energy™ was designed with the ultimate goal of providing a safe and healthy alternative to current leading energy drinks and pills by using all natural clinically studied ingredients. This resulted in, by far, the cleanest energy supplement available on planet Earth.

Designed and manufactured in the USA in one of the most technologically advanced cGMP facilities in the world, FPS energy is sure to exceed the expectations of even the toughest critics.


DISCLAIMER *Results may vary. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.