The neogenics story

Neogenics is focused on creating healthy and effective dietary supplements for the general public. We truly believe you shouldn't have to pay more for products that actually work AND are good for you!


This is why we choose to use clinically studied ingredients in our products. We also believe that all natural products allow our customers to achieve at a higher level than synthetic products of equivalent cost. Numerous studies show that many of the synthetic ingredients we consume on a daily basis may be detrimental to general health, so we avoid them at all costs.


Two years ago, our experts with 20 years combined experience set out to revolutionize the dietary supplement industry. Our goal is to create the healthiest and most effective products for our customers. Our experts have designed top selling products for large health supplement stores, big box retail stores, and for the pharmaceutical industry.


Neogenics is a company rich in values shown through the way we design, price, and support our products. Our guiding principles of integrity, honesty, and respect can be seen in every aspect of how we run our business.

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