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FPS Energy worked great for me! I took a pill about 10:00am and, at first, didn't notice anything. However, at 11:30 am I went down to our gym and worked out. Holy crap! I powered through the best workout I've had in months!

Dave W.

Gave me plenty of energy and focus for gaming as well as throughout the day. I'm pretty sure these pills will keep working as long as you get some decent rest. Nothing is as thorough as getting some sleep. These pills are a booster for those that are low on energy and also provide a calm focus while you're energized. I will be buying again.

Alina C.

It worked great!!! I usually take 2 five hour energy a day to make barely but I felt a great difference with this product work my 8 hour shift and still had the energy to go to the Gym

Jason Z.





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Completely Satisfied. Delivers as advertisedIt works exactly advertised. I've been testing it out for about a month now and I love it.I've tried nootropics before in hope reaching benefits advertised by products like FPS Energy. All fell short except for this. I will definitely be purchasing the 60 ct and continuing my regiment.Side note: Supplements like this always give me stomach pain. So far I haven't had any issues. A great product from a great company.

Mike B.

Ok, so I have tried a lot of energy pills! I mean a lot! I expected these to be like all the rest and end up in the trash and go back to the coffee. NOT SO with these! This is a real review (I was skeptical of all the other glaring reviews) FPS must have a perfect blend here! I had energy all the way through my work day. That hasn't happened in a very long time!!! A very clean, natural, and welcome feeling. Not like the jittery energy you get from most stuff. Best way I can describe this is like a normal, natural, strong awake. Truly impressed. I hope you keep selling these. I was so tired of searching for the magic bullet, and these are the closest I have come to it . P.S. I take two capsules early in the morning then I am good to go. Literally!

William S.

With my job at a call center being a pain in the a--, it takes a lot of brain power and energy to perform well. The last couple of weeks I've really been struggling with stress, tiredness, and brain scatter, and my daily coffee can really only do so much, as it wears off quickly. But thanks to testing out this AMAZING formula/product, this is honestly the BEST I've felt at work in a long time. The edge of stress melts away, I'm way more alert, and I can think more clearly and really focus on what I'm working on. FPS is basically a life saver

Becky C.

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